A plea to restaurant owners everywhere: please ask for a mobile-friendly site

Posted on: 11th Jan, 2011 in Design, Web design, Web development,

Whereas a lot websites aim to keep visitors for as long as possible, restaurant websites just need to give people the information they want as quickly and simply as possible, no matter where they are and what they are using to connect to the internet.

Image to support this A plea to restaurant owners everywhere: please ask for a mobile-friendly site

Of course it’s nice to have a site that makes the restaurant look lovely, but often the web designer or developer uses Adobe Flash to do that. Whether it’s for the entire site, or just for certain elements of the design.

A really common use for Adobe Flash is to create a slideshow of photos of the restaurant. This will look fine on a desktop PC, but if someone is out and about looking for nearby restaurants on their mobile phone, then they are either going to see a blank hole or, if the designer has set it up correctly, a placeholder image. The fact is though that it is really simple for a web site to achieve the same ‘slideshow’ effect without using Adobe Flash at all, so please, restaurant owners, ask your web designer/developer to try to avoid Flash where possible.

If you a restaurant owner or manager and have had some of your customers mention that they can't access your website on their iPhone, please get in touch.  I am permenantly offering special discounts on converting flash based websites to ones that are accessible on the iPhone.



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