Getting started with Search Engine Optimisation

Posted on: 13th Mar, 2009 in Marketing,

I was going to write an article about SEO, giving some simple advice and examples as it is a question I get asked about all the time. But Chris Coyier over on CSS tricks wrote an article just like I had envisaged recently, and to be honest, I couldn’t put it better myself.

The Checklist

1. Does this page have a good amount of honest information on it about the subject?

2. Is the information on this page well structured in the markup?

3. There aren’t any stupid cheap “tricks”

4. Is the URL for this page clean and relevant?

5. If you were researching this subject, would you find this page helpful? Would YOU link to it?

6. Is the website a reliable source of quality information?

Check out Chris’s original article, with more information here: Common Sense SEO Checklist

If you’d like help with Search Engine Optimising your web site, please drop me a line.  Although I’m not anywhere near an expert, I can provide you with some consultancy to get you started.



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