UX details: How the iPhone mail app decides when to show you new mail

Posted on: 25th Jan, 2011 in Design,

Apple are renowned for making their apps really simple to use, so that they “just work”. But how much work goes into them making them so simple to use?

Image to support this UX details: How the iPhone mail app decides when to show you new mail

Both the apps that come with the Mac operating system and the ones that are on iPhone's and iPad's are often cited as examples as 'best practice'. It wasn't just one afternoon's work though that went into each app.  This article on 'The Invisible' blog highlights just one bit of behaviour on the iPhone Mail app that I'm glad Apple took the time to identify it and fix the problem. It is these kind of details that make the experience better without us realising it.  This is the kind of thing that we should all be striving for when approaching designing the user experience of websites too.

You’re in the iPhone mail app, and you’re looking at your inbox, when a new email arrives. What happens?

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