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Major UK research agency, TNS BMRB, a leading social research agency for the UK’s policymakers, required their site to be re-designed and re-developed on a new, easier to use Content Management System.

TNS BMRB's current site needed to be redesigned to be brought into line with the global companies brand guildelines. At the same time the existing bespoke CMS was no longer serving their needs as it was not flexible enough to allow them to expand the types of content they were publishing.

I delivered a brand new content management system, utlising ExpressionEngine, which was aligned around the content providers workflow, not mine, to make it easy for them to log in, edit and publish with the minimum of friction.

The site features many static pages outlining the different areas they work in, their outstanding 80 year experience and the industry leaders that work for them. It also provides them with news and events functionality to keep their clients, prospects and chance vistors up to date.

An easy, helpful editor workflow

As an example of a nice workflow aid: when publishing event details, they can actually provide pre-event content (i.e. the invite and map) as well as the post-event content (i.e. the slides that were presented, white papers, etc.) at the same time. That way, as soon as the event has finished, the new post-event content will be automatically shown on the website, before they have even left the venue. Of course, it is intelligent enough to continue to display the pre-event content if they have not currently authored the post-event content.

A thrilled customer

I think these tweets on the launch day say it all:

The CEO had this to say: 

My contacts in the company also had these things to say:

This is fantastic – and the CMS looks great, I’m so glad we didn’t use Drupal!

Massive thanks. The site looks brilliant, thank you for all your hard work.

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