Website redesign and CMS integration for research organisation

UK Online Measurement Ltd. required a completely new website to support the 2013 “relaunch” of their product. I designed and built the new website and integrated ExpressionEngine CMS to allow them to publish and edit their own content.

UKOM provides governance and validation of online audience measurement systems on behalf of the UK advertising industry. Owned by publishing bodies IAB and AOP, and with Board representation from IPA on behalf of agencies and ISBA on behalf of advertisers, UKOM ensures that the industry’s collective requirement for a transparent and trusted measurement system is met.

Objectives of the site

The site needed to impress on users the extent of UKOM’s governance work – through both quick facts and downloadable content and create a resource which supports our education and persuasion of the industry to make use of UKOM-approved services the accepted standard in digital display ad planning.

What I delivered

I designed the site with a fresh and modern feel – clear, bold typography and lots of white space – and integrated it into an ExpressionEngine CMS. UKOM can add and edit content in all the major sections (news, data facts, brochure pages).

UKOM can even turn whole sections of the design on or off, depending on their needs. On the home page there is a large featured area that doesn't appear unless an item has been flagged to appear as a featured item. This item can originate and where in the site – news, data facts or even a brochure page.

The data facts section allows UKOM to publish mini-presentations – slides of images that the user can scroll through on the home page and click through for a more detailed write-up.

The contacts section takes the form of a list of contact cards for all of the people involved in UKOM – thus demonstrating the industry support UKOM has  – and as well as showing each persons contact details and photo, it provides a button that auto-generates a vCard for people to download.

If you would like to talk to me about rebuilding or refreshing your website, either in ExpressionEngine or another content management system, them please get in contact.

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