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Email marketing delivery

MailSend app logoIf you need to send out email campaigns, then use my email sending application, MailSend.  You can either use it to send out your own HTML designs, or you can get me to create a template for you so that you can send out regular emails in the same style.

Web site and email hosting

Your web site is an important “shop-window” for your business so you need your site to be hosted on high-quality, robust hosting.  There is a lot of technical specifications that could be listed here but the main things to know are:

  • Your site is hosted with a provider with 24/7 technical support
  • Your website is distributed across many different servers so that if your website suddenly receives a lot of traffic the strain is spread out evenly, maintaining your websites availability. Many shared hosting packages cannot cope with large, sudden increases in traffic because they are on one server, and the amount of memory that your site is allowed to use is restricted
  • If you also require an email service, this can be provided

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